Our guiding principles are recommendations that provide universal and enduring guidance to our organization, which applies in all circumstances, regardless of changes in its goals, strategies, type of work, or management structure.

These principles outline how we aim to work as a non-profit charitable organisation. They guide our activities, serve as a reference for our ongoing work, and help to ensure that our actions are consistent with our objectives.

We aim to serve the broad interests of the Oduduwa people.

To promote cultural values, self-determination, social identities, and self-sufficiency for the Oduduwa people.

To provide international and national advocacy on watershed issues that support culture and social identities of the Oduduwa people.

To work actively at the grassroots level to support the implementation of programmes that affect real lives of Oduduwa people.

We aim to create a world where diverse Oduduwa cultures and values are lived, protected, and respected.

We focus on those social problems where there is an opportunity for our support to make a difference in the Oduduwa communities globally.

We aim to be accessible and open to our members.

We are flexible, responding to local circumstances and changing context.

We aim to maintain a rational, pragmatic approach

We are open and transparent about the work we support and why we support it.

We act clearly, fairly, honestly and with integrity in all of our activities

We envision a future that respects and honours Yoruba Peoples' inherent rights, social identities and dynamic cultures, deeply and richly interwoven in languages, spiritual traditions, cultural dynamics, lands and artistic expression, rooted in self-determination and self-governance. The core of our efforts rest on the principles of supporting, amplifying efforts and raising awareness of self-determination for Oduduwa communities.