The Oduduwa people must achieve freedom at all cost from the menace of underdevelopment and insecurity. The Yoruba indigenes must unite and return the Yorubaland to its prestigious place, as it is a cradle of democracy.     Underdevelopment of Western Nigeria


When serving as the prime minister from 1954 to 1959, as premier of the Western Region, Awolowo worked to improve education, social services, and agricultural practices, implementing many progressive policies. Notably, his administration introduced programs that provided free health care for children and free universal primary education. The first television station in Africa was established in the Western Region by his administration as well. Our constitution is outdated and poorly written and so is not a fit for the people in southern Nigeria which is why invariably the Yoruba people are seeking regional autonomy.

Awolowo’s people-centred policies created a thriving middle class in the West and effectively ensured that his region would remain on a sound economic footing as a major player in Nigeria’s industrial and commercial development for generations to come.

With abundant human and natural resources, Nigeria is expected to have transcended the category of underdeveloped nations. With the potential to be an African Tiger, Nigeria is yet to attain feats commensurate with its strengths. This has been blamed on underdevelopment which also happens to be the same process that fueled development in the Western world. However, despite these claims, Nigerian leaders should have since independence forged a path of glorious development for the Nation instead of explaining their inadequacies with the blame game. 

The 1950s ushered in a revolutionary phase in the history of education in Nigeria. This period witnessed the introduction of Free Education scheme in the Western Region and marked a radical departure from the hitherto existing educational patterns not only in Western Nigeria but the entire country. Yet none of these results is shown across board.