Challenges facing Yoruba people
in Africa and beyond

Several issues are hindering the Yoruba people in Nigeria and overseas, but the most glaring ones are Westernism and Culture shock.

Westernism is a coinage from the word westernize which refers to the act of bringing ideas or ways of life that are typical of Western Europe and North America to other countries. Therefore, western culture connotes the knowledge, belief, morals, and way of life of the Western world. Either by design or accident, Africans have imbibed the Western culture and have appropriated it so much that it now becomes almost part and parcel of their lives.

They feel the need to blend in with the western world and cultures. They assume their culture is archaic and have believed the global world, plus the society we live in is forcefully imposing foreign culture and embedding it into our lives thereby eroding our cultural identity as Yorubas.

Culture shock is defined as the process of early adjustment to an environment one is not familiar with. This situation occurs when one moves to a foreign country which could either be for a temporary period or otherwise. Culture shock is caused by a “growth experience because, during this process, an individual learns new values from the host culture.

Adapting to new styles of communication and language, social cues, social roles, dress codes and even the weather conditions can be quite difficult for a Yoruba person overseas Also, we are so rigid that we find it challenging to adapt to a new culture when we migrate which can make it difficult to belong to a foreign community or settle in comfortably.

Local challenges also stem up within the immediate community which is the underdevelopment of our land. The average Yoruba man wants to hold on to the past glory thereby losing access to opportunities, Yorùbá values are deep and expansive and recognize that certain things remain valid, even while everything continues to evolve.

If we do not set aside our old beliefs and traditions and embrace modernization, it will be nearly impossible for us to develop ourselves and eventually our communities and lands as people.