Promoting Human

The Human Rights Watch's 2015 World Report states that intensified violence by Boko Haram, abuse of power and government corruption continue to undermine the status of human rights in Nigeria.

Nigerian constitution protects civil and political rights, but international treaties like the African Charter also expand protection to cultural, socioeconomic, and group rights. The Reporter without Borders World Press Freedom Index ranked Nigeria 115 out of 180 countries surveys. Reporters without Borders cited killing, detention and brutalisation of journalists alongside targeted attempts to shrink the civic space by the Nigerian Government as reason for the ranking.

On July 24, 2020, the United Nations official urged the Nigerian authorities to immediately release a prominent human rights defender, who has been detained for more than months without charges, on different flimsy accusations. The UN Secretary General António Guterres issued a statement criticizing Nigerian authorities, as many protesters were shot dead and wounded during a violent escalation in Lagos. Amnesty International reported that at least 12 people were shot dead but, the government confirmed only two deaths in October. In November, the government admitted that there were live rounds in Lekki by the police. In December 2020, the government confirmed that 51 civilians, 11 police officers, and seven soldiers lost their lives in the ongoing conflict between protesters and police. Protesters are demanding police reforms, and Lekki Toll Gate has become a rallying cry for Nigerians.

Oduduwa Rights work to provide access to justice, promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, including women, children, and marginalized populations. Our approach focuses on empowering individuals and our communities.

How to report an abuse of your human rights

Most of the time you can make a direct complaint to the public body that you believe has abused your human rights. Most public bodies should have a review process for complaints that is separate to the part you are making a complaint about - this means your complaint should be looked at without any bias.

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