Women Initiative for
Economic Empowerment

Oduduwa Rights (OR) has structurally designed the Women Initiative for Economic Empowerment (WIFEE) to strengthen processes that promote the economic development of women and facilitate an environment for social change. The Initiative is part of our effort to reduce poverty and unemployment in the country, especially among women.

WIFEE will systematically boost the economic independence of women through access to finance, training and mentoring that will, therefore, contribute directly to human capacity development. The economic empowerment of women will be central to mobilizing their potential for sustainable development.

Promote financial and social inclusion

Facilitate access to capital for economic transactions

Establish women Self-Group (SHGs)

Promote entrepreneur among women through financial education facilities

The Women Initiative for Economic Empowerment operates in Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Ekiti, Lagos, Edo, Kwara, Kogi and Delta States of Nigeria, and the Republic of Benin. It is managed by Oduduwa Rights and its development partners. Oduduwa Rights is an international organisation working for the broad interests of the Oduduwa people in Nigeria and beyond. It ensures the Oduduwa peoples’ rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled.